Wool Renaissance October 12, 2017 19:32

Wool Renaissance

There is a wool renaissance in interior decor and it’s back on the trend. Wool Week is a perfect opportunity to re-state the great benefits of one of Kiki Voltaire’s favourite materials that has been used on our Contemporary Notice Board Collection since its launch.

The Campaign for Wool states 10 Wonderful Reasons to LOVE WOOL

  1. Pure wool - 100% renewable, 100% sustainable, 100% biodegradable. If you love the planet – use more wool.
  2. Sheep are amazing – they graze peacefully, grow wonderful wool, we use it to make beautiful textiles and the whole process begins again… no depletion, just sustainable and sensible.
  3. Wool feels luxurious, it’s reassuringly soft, warm and confortable.
  4. Strong and long lasting – it is durable and robust and its elasticity enables it to spring back into shape. Wool carpets and rugs can take lots of heavy wear and are known to look better for longer – quality always last!
  5. Insulate with it, sound proof with it, wear it, walk on it and wrap things with it. The world’s oldest renewable fibre is also the most versatile and modern.
  6. Wool has hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial properties. Wool is a natural fibre; organic and resistant to bacteria. It makes the air that we breathe cleaner and better.  
  7. It is warm but it is cool because it adapts to the wearer – that is why sheep are so snug and content! Wrap your babies in wool… because it breathes easily it will keep them cosy and warm, but not too hot, as it cleverly changes to their needs.
  8. Fire retardant – wool is flame retardant and will often self-extinguish. Fire fighters like wool because it produces less smoke and toxic fumes – making it a safer choice for the home and offices.
  9. Wool has acoustic property, noises that surround us are reduced as wool absorbs sound.
  10. Carbon efficient – an effective insulator, wool will reduce the need for heating and protect against heat loss making it highly carbon efficient.

Kiki Voltaire wool renaissance images

Kiki Voltaire loves wool… we use pure wool in our Contemporary Notice Board Collection, Felt Wool Notice Boards, Bespoke Headboards and Chairs.