2018 Interior Trends - How to use pop colours and geometrics patterns in your home May 21, 2018 14:49

If you are thinking of updating your home interior decor here are a few on tips on current trends.

Pop colours

Grey is still on trend for neutrals, but colours are back and one of the strongest home interior trends this season. They are present on walls, furniture, upholstery and accessories. You can also be playful and mix bright colours together.

Moody interiors are still popular with navy, emerald green and purple.

Geometrics patterns

Geometrics are huge this season, you can find them everywhere, on tiles, rugs, wallpaper and of course interior fabric, but also artwork.

Genevieve Gorder, designer and TV host mentions the “circles as the new triangle”.

Interiors can be easily updated by combining geometric patterns with bolder colours and adding new accessories.

Kiki Voltaire circular contemporary notice boards  is just on trend as it combines a choice of pop colours with a circular shape. You can update your home instantly with a burst of colour and a practical pin board! For those who prefer a neutral look we are still making our popular classic grey and charcoal notice boards.

Available in small (55cm diameter), medium (75cm diameter), large (either 90cm or 100cm diameter) or bespoke sizes – our notice boards will fit nicely into any space and can also be used for striking effect!