Why buying vintage furniture is good for you and the environment. April 11, 2019 10:45

The trend for vintage furniture and decorative objects is still going strong. Added to this a “conscious consumption” movement which is gaining strength and a populous rediscovery of traditional craftsmanship,  it makes perfect sense to buy vintage furniture for your home or office space.

Creating an individual interior

Over the last 15 years people’s love of buying vintage or retro furniture has grown and that trend is set to continue. Buying furniture made in the past 100 years gives you the opportunity to create a unique and stylish interior decor with a strong personality and a sense of history. Whether you mix pieces from different eras, re-create an interior in the mid-century style or mix old and new it will be an individual look!

 Sheepskin stool by Kiki Voltaire

Environmentally friendly

As well as beautiful aesthetics, vintage furniture has great environmental benefits. To start with you are preventing furniture from going to landfill. It is healthier for your home – as the furniture will have finished releasing the toxic fumes present in the finishing and glues. As we are more aware, the pollutants in our homes this is not negligible. If your new piece of furniture needs restoration, use natural materials where possible or discuss this with the artisan who will restore it for you.

 Bridge Chairs restored by Kiki Voltaire


Most of the vintage furniture which is still around and in a good condition tends to be well made some from solid wood, like our collection of Bridge chairs. You can test the quality of furniture by checking for sturdy frames, woodworm (which can be treated if not too extensive), drawers which run smoothly etc. Generally vintage furniture is less expensive than buying new furniture of the same quality.

If you need to restore the furniture, you can take it on as a project with the help of a couple of self-help books, a local community class, or alternatively, seek the help of a furniture restorer or upholsterer. The latter may require a bit more investment, but either way you will end up with a unique piece of furniture and preserve its history for less than buying a similar piece new. And it will last many more years!

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