Bespoke Notice Board's design journey February 22, 2016 21:17

Kiki Voltaire works regularly with individuals and interior designers to create bespoke notice boards. In this blog we’ll explore some of the recent commissions we have made in our Brighton’s studio and discuss the design journey.

Size, colour, style and situation…

Our customers often have a good idea of the size and colour they are looking for, and usually they brief me on the room and interior style. As well as going over the decor (colour palette, style), we also discuss who will use the notice board and if it’s for a specific purpose (such as displaying kids’ artwork). Using Skype or FaceTime video calls has also been a very effective way of seeing the room, style and other furnishings to help the design process.

Interior designers provide  us with a full brief, including drawings, colour palettes and required measurements – for example of a cabinet or a specific space the notice board must fit within.

Fabric & finishing…

Kiki Voltaire has a strong preference for natural materials and we work mainly with linen and wool for our notice board collection. Linen is a beautiful material made from the fibres of the flax plant, it’s natural qualities make it easy to work with for upholstery work. The flax fibres and weaving process causes little "imperfections", which we think add to the appeal. Our supplier offers a choice of over 30 colours – here are just a few…

Linen fabric       

We also use wool fabric from Moon Fabrics, mainly from their Melton Collection. Their felt wool is made in Moon’s mill in Yorkshire (UK) and is truly beautiful, hard-wearing and slightly stretchy – so perfect to use on our contemporary notice boards, but also for upholstery. It is available in a wide range of colours and we love it!

Moon fabric Melton collection    

To compliment the fabrics Kiki Voltaire uses a collection of vintage ribbons we have acquired over the years, grosgrain and woven ribbons which are sourced from suppliers such as East of India and Jane Means. Our wide range of elastic bands used on our contemporary notice boards are sourced from Japan.

We offer the option to add cork backing to our notice board for customers wishing to use pins.

This are some of our recent commissions.

Bespoke notice board covered in black linen with black ribbons with beige edges