Cork Notice Board | Handprinted by Cath Bristow | Limited Edition


A new collection of hand printed cork notice boards in collaboration with illustrator Cath Bristow.

Cath Bristow has created these limited edition designs for Kiki Voltaire, all individually hand screenprinted on cork by Cath in her Brighton studio. Each design is limited to 50, with the edition number on the back of the notice board. An antidote to mass production, by limiting the amount printed, Kiki Voltaire can offer customers something truly unique and Cath can keep her designs fresh and exciting.

We use 6mm cork sheet to print on. Once printed the cork is mounted onto MDF boards and can be framed in an oak oiled frame (as shown). If unframed (available on request), the board will show the MDF and cork bounded together.

We recommend using small map pins, such as those provide with the product, with our hand printed cork notice boards.

The current 2017 collection offers 4 designs, each available in 4 colours and 2 sizes. For commission (different colour or size or an original design by Cath Bristow) please contact us directly.


Urban Curve (shown in chalky blue)

Windy day (leaf/birds, shown in vivid green)

Beachcomber (seaweed/seashells, shown in aquamarine)

Side Step (shown in warm colour combination: vivid orange, aubergine, dusky grey.) - Only available in Square size


Windy day, Beachcomber and Urban Curve are available in:

Vivid orange

Chalky blue

Vivid Green


Side Step is in a square size and available in:

Warm colour combination: vivid orange, aubergine, dusky grey.

Cool colour combination: chalky blue, aquamarine and dusky grey.


50x50cm (square)


Frame: the notice board come framed in an oak oiled frame.


About the designer and her inspiration for the design:

Cath Bristow is fine art printmaker and loves to print on different surfaces. She studied at Dartington College of Arts, Devon and Goldsmiths college, London. Cath creates her work using collagraph and screen print techniques creating limited edition prints which she sells through exhibitions and at the Affordable Art fair, London. She loves the surprise element of printmaking and never tires from the excitement, anticipation and magic of lifting the screen to reveal the printed work.

What Cath Bristow says about the inspiration for the current designs:

Windy Day, is an ongoing theme within my work. My windy walks watching the wind pick up and chase leaves endlessly.

Beachcomber, is inspired by walks along the shoreline watching the sea wash in and out transfixed, as it reveals seaweeds, shells, and pebbles, free natural treasure it is so hard to resist taking too many shells home!

Urban Curve is inspired by concrete city buildings and flyovers particularly brut architecture, also the ramps and curves of our local skatepark.

Sidestep, is inspired by the walk to and from my studio, walking past so many cracked paving stones with so many interesting lines and patterns.

Small print regarding the material use (cork):

The cork notice boards are each hand printed to order and small differences may occur with each print as each product are unique.

The raw material used is cork and over time the pins will mark the cork. We recommend using small map pins, such as those provide with the product, with our hand printed cork notice boards.

General Information

  • All our products are handmade to order in our Brighton studio (UK).
  • Notice boards are made of cork, MDF backing, hand printed and framed in oak.
  • Picture wire or suitable fixings are supplied
  • Made-to-order products are non-returnable.

Delivery Information

All Kiki Voltaire's notice boards are handmade to order. Our general guidelines for dispatch and delivery are:

  • Orders are typically dispatched within 15 working days.
  • Shipping for our Cork Notice Boards and smaller sizes notice board  (60x60cm, 60x45cm) is by My Hermes, delivered within 3-5 days. Larger size notice boards are courier by TNT, delivered within 1-2 days of dispatch. Couriers will make 3 attempt to deliver the goods after which they are returned to Kiki Voltaire.
  • For enquiries about your order email:


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